Shame Bars Americans From Turning to Weight Loss Surgery, Study Says

Shame Bars Americans From Turning to Weight Loss Surgery, Study Says

A new study from the Einstein Healthcare Network (EHN) in Philadelphia shows that many people would support a friend who undergoes bariatric surgery but would be ashamed to admit they had the surgery themselves. “We should take this information and be understanding and be supportive of our friends and family and co-workers who suffer with the disease of obesity,” said Dr. Ramsey Dallal, chief of bariatric surgery at EHN. “Physicians should take this information and realize that patient’s may not express the problem to them, they may be ashamed.” The same person ashamed of getting bariatric surgery would not be ashamed to need hip surgery or a lung operation, Ramsey noted.

This story is a Shame . . .

Avoiding life changing benefits in health, quality of life, and length of life due to insecurity about how others perceive the issue makes no sense.  In a world of social media driven behavior, one would think that the positive changes associated with life after surgery would be more thoroughly embraced.  

Bariatric surgery is not a fancy vacation or a new car.  It’s MUCH MORE VALUABLE.  It’s a new lease on life.  One which empowers people to leave behind hundreds of daily frustrations as the weight fades away.

It’s your life, your skin, your choice.  Do it for you, not them . . .

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