Gastric Surgery Saved my Life

Joyce Scalley

Have you ever had a patient feel so positively about weight loss surgery that they wrote an addendum to their story?

Please allow me to be the first!!


I am 6 years post RNY Gastric Bypass surgery with Dr. Bertha, with an initial weight loss of 90 lbs. Once the “pink cloud” of weight loss surgery begins to dissipate, it becomes easy to become complacent and slip back into old habits, and yes that began to happen to me! I had slowly gained 50 lbs back over the next there years.

What the heck??? …that’s not supposed to happen!!!!! Fortunately, I was able to take some pretty good advice given to me by a pretty knowledgeable guy (hint, hint, Dr. Bertha), “GO BACK TO BASICS”… PROTEIN PROTEIN PROTEIN!

I have been able to lose 40 lbs and have a real sense of satisfaction. Hey, wow, this weight loss surgery thing really does work if you’re willing to work it!

The journey has had its ups and downs (by far more ups!) and Dr. Bertha and his staff have always been there when I needed them. If you are looking for a skilled, experienced weight loss surgeon who truly does care, Dr. Bertha is your guy!!


Gastric Bypass Saved My Life

Joyce Scalley Gastric Surgery

At 39-years-old, 5’3″ and 220 lbs and steadily gaining, I was on a fast track to disaster! I was not always overweight, but after 3 pregnancies in 5 years, I had gained 98 lbs and totally lost all control! I was on 8 medications for everything from diabetes, depression, insomnia, high cholesterol, high blood pressure…. you name it! I had tried EVERYTHING to lose weight… and then came DR. BERTHA!!! I had RNY Gastric Bypass surgery March 2011 and have since lost 90 lbs!!!! I am down from a size 18 pants to a size 6!!! I am off of ALL MEDICATIONS!!!

This surgery has given me an amazing tool to regain my life! It is a life-long journey which I take day-at-time, and throughout the ups and downs, Dr. Bertha has been there for me all the way!!!!”