Bariatric Surgery Reduces Risk for Microvascular Complications in Prediabetes Type 2 Diabetes

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Patients with obesity and either prediabetes or type 2 diabetes saw a reduced, long-term risk for microvascular complications (diabetic retinopathy, diabetic kidney disease) after having bariatric surgery compared with similar patients who received usual care, according to new findings from the Swedish Obese Subjects (SOS) study. Researchers analyzed data from 4,032 patients aged 37 to 60 years recruited for the nonrandomized SOS study between September 1987 and January 2001. The most common observed microvascular complication was diabetic retinopathy, which was reduced after bariatric surgery across all glycemic subgroups. “Our research shows that prediabetes is a serious condition that should be treated, and that this can be done by bariatric surgery,” the study’s lead investigator commented.

Once again, diabetes and bariatric surgery in the news – Once again, the data demonstrates effectiveness in treating this chronic, relentless, deadly disease.

Once again we reiterate that we specialize in this care with the desire to make it as patient friendly and widely available as possible because of the MANY success stories which we have seen.

Once again, it’s up to you. Eyesight and kidney function are good things.

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