American workers may amount to billions in lost productivity

American workers may amount to billions in lost productivity

The indirect costs of absenteeism and presenteeism associated with overweight and obesity among American workers may amount to more than $900 billion ($6,000 per employee) in annual lost productivity. The numbers are sobering, and U.S. employers may be increasingly open to implementing policies that recognize the interconnectedness of community health, workplace environments, employee productivity, and company profitability.

This is one reason why American businesses may no longer be competitive in the world markets. It’s only a matter of time until the employer pushes the healthcare costs to the employee, or begins to stratify their employees based on cost to the company.  In either case, the decisions will be business based and forced due to the costs cited above.  We at NJBI exist to aid our patients in avoiding the real consequences associated with their weight, both medical and social.  Obesity is a growing problem with many layers affecting the lives of those who have it.

Bariatric surgery works. Its an effective means of getting out of the trap created by the obesity. Its what we do, and why we do it.

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