Attend a Seminar

At the NJ Bariatric Institute, we value your time. We have provided choices for your convenience. Our site has an impressive volume of information as well as links to additional items you may be interested in exploring.

Getting Started is easy. We have provided an online version of our surgical seminar here on this site. You do not need to travel, make time deadlines, or be inconvenienced in any way. The information is all there. It is the same information which is available at one of our live seminars which are presented regionally statewide throughout the month.

In either case, you will be asked to register so we can know who you are and how to help. You are never obligated to anything by your registration and your personal information is never transferred or sold. It is our policy to respect your personal privacy and keep any information submitted private.

The surgical seminars are educational and exist for your benefit. They are intended to give you “straight information” about a poorly understood field of medical treatment. Using the information provided PRIOR to seeing a surgeon in consultation allows you to compare and think about the available options. Thinking about the options in relation to your own goals will likely raise questions. The surgical consultation is the best time to discuss your questions and concerns. The more educated you are, the more effective and valuable your visits become. No one in NJ likes to waste time. We know you are busy and we want help make any time that you spend be as valuable as possible.

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