Adults who eat at home with TV off may have lower likelihood of obesity, study suggests

The Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics reports that research suggests “adults who never watch TV during family meals and eat mostly home-cooked food are much less likely than others to be obese.” While previous “research has suggested that more frequent family meals are linked to lower obesity,” the new study indicated that “eating at home, rather than out, and without the television on, was tied to lower obesity risk regardless of how often family was present.”

Take the TV out of the kitchen or keep it off.

The commercials are overwhelmingly about food and designed for distraction.  It goes back to what your mother likely told you:  The TV is the “idiot box” and you need to use it sparingly.

At NJBI, we spend a lot of time educating patients that they should sit down and concentrate on the process of eating after surgery in order to develop healthy habits and behaviors when their appetite is a non issue.  Part of that becomes carving out time to concentrate on food selection and literally processing it as you eat.  Recognizing satisfaction and signals of fullness are also important.  All of these items suffer if you are distracted by a TV, or anything else for that matter.

There are droves of studies defining tangible benefits of families sitting down and eating together.  Its how the business of the day gets processed and discussed in many houses.  Its good for everyone.  This simply is one more study recognizing that.

In a world of distractions – TV, internet, constantly streaming music and cellular phones, it becomes hard to disconnect.  It’s important though.  Carve out the “quiet time.”  Slow down, live in the present.  The odds are overwhelming that you will be glad that you did, and better for it.

Best in Health,

The Team at NJBI