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Dropped Insulin of 160 units to 30 units in first week - Maria


Maria went from taking 160 units of insulin to 30 and NO MORE sleep apnea, high cholesterol and blood pressure.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Gave Me a Second Chance at Life - Mike


Michael feels surgery gave him a second chance at living a healthy life. Going strong after 9 years.

Gastric Bypass Gave Me My Life Back!


Matt lost weight very quickly going down to 170 lbs. 20 months later, still the same weight.

NJ Bariatric Institute changed my life forever! - Andrea


Andrea changed her life forever, just 6 months after surgery reached her goal weight.

New Jersey's No 1 Weight Loss Center

Welcome to NJ Bariatric Institute located in New Jersey and lead by board certified Bariatric surgeon, Dr. Nicholas Bertha. It is our mission to help individuals move towards a healthier, longer life free of chronic diseases or conditions in a patient caused by obesity through bariatric surgeries.

Those who struggle with being overweight know firsthand the difficulty with losing weight. We address this as obesity, a disease Dr. Nicholas Bertha along with his staff treat this disease every day. Studies show that weight loss will help improve the serious health risks caused by obesity. Patients have improvements to diabetes, sleep apnea and an overall better quality of life. It does take more than just surgery, it also requires motivation and commitment to a lifestyle change.

Thinking of Weight Loss Surgery – Think NJ Bariatric Institute

If you’re thinking about weight loss surgery, such as Gastric Band (LAP-BAND), Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass or bariatric revision surgery, or are interested in a non-surgical weight loss option starting here is an important first step.

Start by reviewing our online surgical weight loss seminar, weight loss surgery options, electronic forms and prepared laboratory paperwork, all of which can be accessed from this website. Explore our special Easy Pass program, which will get you preparing for weight loss surgery in no time. Once all of our simple steps are completed and confirmed, signing up for your first office consult will get you on the fast-track to real weight loss results.

Discover how a Navy Veteran, a Stanford Nurse, and a former NFL player used weight loss surgery to overcome their struggles with obesity.

This video is published by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

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