What Works to Help Overweight Folks Eat Healthier?

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Giving adults a handout about nutrition may be help in getting overweight adults to adopt new heart-healthy eating habits, new research suggests. Researchers looked at three ways of encouraging healthy habits by randomly assigning more than 900 overweight adults to one of four groups. One group received advice about diet through phone calls. Another got a weekly food basket but no advice about diet. The third group got both advice and food baskets. A fourth group, used as “controls,” did not receive advice or food baskets. Everybody in each group got a “food guide” handout about diet. Six months later, participants overall had only slightly increased their consumption of healthier foods like fruits and vegetables, regardless of group. The researchers said the only consistent increases were seen in the group that received both food and advice. By 18 months, that slight increase in healthy eating was dwindling, however, weight and blood pressure dipped in all the groups, including the control group, according to the study, which was published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. “These data demonstrate the difficulty in effectively promoting fruit, vegetable and whole grain cereals to the general population using recommendations that, when followed, decrease risk factors for chronic disease,” said the study’s lead investigator.

Is anybody surprised by this? Is this not exactly like every government program you have ever heard of which was designed for the public benefit but which hasn’t worked? Has there EVER been a program which works in legislating people’s behavior? Does anyone besides a politician believe that this would be effective?

No way! No one wants to be told what they can and cannot do. Particularly in the realm of their personal food choices. It’s why diets and exercise programs are not the answer and never will be. They will ALWAYS fail unless it is the CHOICE of the individual. Sort and long term. It HAS to come from within.

THAT’S WHY BARIATRIC SURGERY WORKS! It is the patient’s choice! The changes in intake volume, coupled with the changes in desire for foods lead to weight loss and in the majority of situations, SUSTAINED weight loss. The weight loss happens initially through the surgical changes, but the long term is driven by the patients. THEY maintain it after surgery where NO ONE does based on some outside mandate as demonstrated above.

Do it for yourself.

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