Study Finds Obesity May Reprogram Muscle Stem Cells

By comparing DNA methylation, a process where small methyl molecules are added to genes to fine-tune gene activity, in the muscle stem cells of people with obesity to those of normal weight people, researchers have identified cellular changes that may be a contributing factor to reduced muscle mass and impaired metabolism, both thought to be causes of or linked to obesity. A pro-inflammatory gene that plays a vital role in insulin sensitivity in mature muscle cells was present in the cells of people with obesity, “by reducing the gene expression, the muscle’s insulin sensitivity was increased,” the researchers found. “We believe that in obese individuals the muscle stem cells have been reprogrammed, and that this may partly explain why muscle cells in obese people have decreased insulin sensitivity and lower metabolism after they have matured,” the study’s lead investigator explained.

Fascinating.  This may be responsible for the rapid changes seen after gastric bypass or sleeve surgery.  It likely is yet another good reason for post op patients to take their protein.  Any support we can give to those muscles to get them back on track is welcome!

I have said for a long time that the study of Obesity will lead to Nobel Prizes and significant changes in how ALL doctors treat patients.

This is the tip of the Iceberg, but exciting stuff.


Best in Health,

Dr Bertha and the NJBI Team